ToS 2022: Stage 5: A Very Dark Place - who's afraid of the dark?

Dylan and I finished AVDP a few hours ago. I woke up this morning feeling better than I have since the Tour started (have I finally got over Stage 1?) - but that usually means the ride won’t go well. With intensity set on Focused (94% MAP), the stage was still tough, but I always felt on top of it and that I’d get through it.

At least for two of the intervals. The first, second and fifth we did blindfolded to help raise more money for the DPF. Those were…very tough. As Dylan said, when you lose one of your senses, the others get amplified and it seemed our pain sensors did most of the heavy lifting there! Jeez, that was hard – the inability to see how much time you have left meant you didn’t have anything to ‘look forward to.’ You just had to keep suffering and hope it would end soon.

I recommend you all try it. :slight_smile:


Weirdly, I found my focus on this stage - it’s been out the window in the previous stages.

There was a little ball of sweat rolling back and forth across the top-tube, never falling down, it had all my attention for those 4 minute blocks :smiley:


Luckily it was only one ball and not many balls.

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The lights went out for me at the end of the 2nd interval. Still made it to the line.

I feel the real beatings are still to come though!!



Stage 5 done. Felt strong and happy with performance. Then bonus suprise garmin now shows fitness age of 20.

At this rate i will placed in a nursery any time


If you keep going like this, you’re not allowed to drink anymore…


That was hard, first two intervals were hard to get going. Eventually found some focus and chewed like crazy on the stem for the rest of the stage!


Stage 5 in the pocket . 5/7 nuclear, yeeees.

Not as dark as expected, awesome legs today from scratch. Love the low cadence stuff, but standing after 4 1/2 stages - really ? That was painful.

All black kit today to honour the darkness …


This one had me teetering…swear I saw smoke coming from my quads! No blindfold needed to feel the pain! Made it through though and still rolling nuclear - going to push full throttle until I flame out.


Interesting idea. I wish I had not read that, may give it a try .If your ears turn bright red soon, remember, it is your fault


same here, respect Sir !

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GVA: You get a flogging station, and they get a flogging station, everybody gets a flogging station. We don’t need a reason.


The Yellow and Blue at the bottom of the screen reminded me of the real, actual suffering going on as we ride our bikes, and I HTFU’d through it.


We’ll, today’s the day I was dreading… thanks to work commitments tomorrow I have to do both stage 5 and stage 6 today, and they’re both ones I always struggle with.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever managed AVDP at 100%. Today no different, but thanks to the focussed option and MAP at 94, I made it through. Time will tell if I can rest enough for the next couple of hours for a crack at tbtitw :crossed_fingers::sleeping:


Got very dark in there today! :smile:


Started at 100%.

I barely made it through the first interval. I knew I wasn’t going to make it all the way through at 100%, but I was going to get as far as I could.

Then at a lower cadence I barely made it through the second. I tried to just keep pedaling and I made it.

The third had me dying and my legs were screaming and my cadence was dropping, but i just kept pedaling and just when I felt I was done, I barely made it.

Then I started the fourth interval at a higher cadence and tried to hold that as long as I could. I look up and I was barely 35 seconds in. My cadence dropped. I chewed my stem. I closed my eyes. I just kept pedaling. I thought I was toasted , but there was a short drop to tempo pace and then for the last minute I kept telling myself to just keep pedaling. And I did.

And then my son took pictures as I suffered through the fifth and final interval. And then I sprinted. And then! I had made it all the way through! By sheer force of will. At 100%.

That was definitely a very dark place. :scream::dizzy_face:


Avdp has always been a bugbear
I am doing Focussed, so only reduction given was MAP at 94%.

However, with the tough MAP rides, I lower my cadence. Both for effort and recoveries.
Also try to control breathing.

And amazingly , actually did not seem too bad.
However I have been ravenously hungry. I want to lose a small amount of weight, but had to give in.

TBTITW world cannot bee too hard then slog through Saturday


AVDP done and not too horrific tbh…
…and with that completed I can now move on to the Elden Ring portion of my Thursday


I got saved by the bell! A call from work with a critical issue for one of our websites before the final map interval.

Legs are toast and nuclear no more. Just gmti now


Beast ! Respect Sir :wave: