ToS Extension

For the last few years the ToS has taken place when I have been out of town. How about extending it to any week within a period of time…say a month.
I realise that everyone doing it for the same period adds to the excitement and I would love to be part of this, but every year my heart sinks as I see that I have to work out of town, yet the week before or after I am home! :frowning:
One might say that that is true suffering!

Surely there are other people in the same boat?


There is a great comrade with people riding the same rides and going through the same thing at the same time. Would you get riders taking lots of days off and riding it over a 2 month period instead of treating it like a tour. On the other hand, it should not be too difficult to make the tour a badge ride, where you can ride it any time during the year

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Well of course you couldn’t miss a day…and if you did you’d have to start over! :smiley:
just choose a different starting date within the month.
I really do understand people doing it at the same time adds to the experience and if I could do this I would.


Taking it one step further @Sir_Halligan - I’d love to see another tour mid year! I was so motivated by the ToS badge (the yoga challenge too for that matter) that I would ride at 11pm at night to ensure I fit the ride before the window closes! Hopefully we can have another mini tour in Sep/ Oct?


@Vik yes i would love a ‘mid year’ tour also, really do enjoy it when it comes around and always good that eveyone is on it at the same time, even with the different time zones.
Only trouble i have is that it normally comes when the Yorkshire (UK) reli rides have just started so the weekends are fun!..a Stage followed by a Reli ride or other way round…my first ‘tour’ ended with Kitchen Sink which was then followed the next day by the reli ride with the most climbing in it!..that was fun😅


There is a mid-year tour. And a spring tour. And an autumn tour. And an end of season tour to end all tours. You just need to be a Knight to take part (or even hear about it :shushing_face:). Get that small obstacle out of the way and you’d be welcome to join us :trophy:


:thinking:…will have to look into that…

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Yes it is definitely on the to do list this year Sir @JamesT !!


Hi @JamesT how are the mini tours announced? Is it by email or do they appear in the Facebook group?

Neither. Not an official SUF thing but if you’re in the Knights’ Facebook group then search for Global Suffering League and you should find the link to the deepest darkest dungeon in the castle.


Great thanks sounds like an exciting place to be! I will try and seek out the dungeon once I am in the Knights group, still waiting for my application to be accepted, I think fluffy will eat me soon!


Without wishing to seem dismissive, I disagree entirely. The TOS is an event; it happens at a specific time and has particular rules about when the stages have to be done. To make it a “moveable feast” would devalue that.

There are people who can’t commit to the dates, and that’s fine, but it’s a bit like me saying that I could turn up to ride the Marmotte route any time I wanted. That is true - but I would only have ridden the Marmotte if I’d done it at the time that it had been organised. The Tour is no different.


Why not do all 4 tours at the time time. Thats about 4 rides a day, the knights have already done a day with 10 rides

There have been eight Tour of Sufferlandrias to date so good luck with that!

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My point, if a knight has to do around 10 rides to get a knighthood, a measly few tours simultaneously should be no problem

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it would be great if there was an alternative tour option for those of us who are racing in february :grin: :sunglasses:

There kind of is - as any if the tours can be ridden anytime really.
The thing that SUF do for the tour is really specific as it revolves around the Davis Phinney charity thing, at a specific time, with charity money being raised for that date and all the other stuff that goes with it - like there is a change in staffing at SUF for example to handle all the queries and so on I think. It’s a big deal behind the scenes.

So we can ride it ourselves, and we’ll know we’ve done it, but I don’t think we can expect SUF to ‘manage’ it for us, or we’ll never get any new features delivered :slight_smile:

Then there’s the badge/challenge thing-even that has admin associated with it

SO I think it’s down to us choosing to ride any tour whenever we want to.

having said that - if it can be paid for and created … ah, even that has complexities

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Nice! Where will those tours be posted? On the app itself?

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Hi. I think you can see some old challenges in the challenges page

It shows the tours back to 2016 there.

Other than that there’s also taking note of the rides that were used before that dashboard existed by looking at copies of old tour posters which I can see in Redbubble. Though going back to 2016 is a start :slight_smile: