ToS Stage 7 ! - OPEN! - Official Thread

Happy to say I completed my second tour!

Defender is always a mental challenge on top of the physical challenge…and the tired legs. Attacker was more fun than I remember. But neither of these 2 rides play to my strengths, so I am glad to have finished!

My wife made this sign. She added the “Victory” only after I completed Attacker:)


And that’s all she wrote!! Congrats to all of my fellow Sufferlandrians. It has been an honour and a privilege to have suffered through my first Tour with all of you. Your collective cries of anguish helped to spur me on when I would falter. Chapeau to the Phinney Foundation and their great work. Until next time…Stay Classy, San Diego!


First post. First ToS. Did it Full Nuclear in ERG and survived all 11 workouts (9 Hammers was brutal and Fight Club was much harder than expected). Even better, I was able to raise over $1,700 (really surprised by people’s generosity). What an amazing week. Thank you Sufferfest/Wahoo, and the rest of you for posting inspiring updates.

I’ve had my recovery drink, protein shake, beer, burger, fries … time to veg on the couch like a Couchlandrian for one night! We’ve earned it I think.


My first ToS - done! Had a wonderful time reading all the posts, seeing the pictures and enjoying the company of all who suffer here. Cheers! I am now going to unclip and crawl around to find my legs!


This was my first TOS. What are whirlwind the last 12 months have been. What an awesome week. Can’t wait to recover, do my follow-up 4DP, and then get back into training for whatever happens later this year. Love the SUF community. The TOS is 25% the workouts and 75% this amazing community. Thank you to everyone for helping make my first TOS such an amazing experience!


Thanks for a terrific event!!! It was so energizing and motivating to have thousand of people going through this together. Cheers :beers: to all and see you at the next one.


Okay, this is stage 7 now. So far everything went quite well. What was the goal again? Nuclear and all videos back to back? Ok, though after a hard work week, massive physical and mental fatigue has set in. Customers dont’ care about laser goats. You were a bit anxious before the last day, since on Wednesday you had to switch from early morning riding to late evening because it was not possible otherwise. It’s like the start of an A race. You start Defender. Only two workouts left! The first three minutes, you already feel in your legs that this is going to hurt more, just like the last climb in an MTB marathon. - First interval done, you’re trying to divide the rest in reasonably sized steps, counting down the minutes and intervals. Third interval done - You grab that last gel that was in the box. Best before Oct 15 2020 - Doesn’t matter, no time for details now, and no brainpower left - GO! try to keep the power targets, you can’t afford to let go now! - OK. Defender done. You are done too. Just go get some water, change the towel and continue. Wait, wasn’t there a salty nut bar somewhere, maybe that would help to get through the last workout. Ah, the breating to crush them video! Wait, how did that go? Ok, breathe for 2 minutes and then start Attacker. Now it’s just survival. First interval done, second one, third one - Oh there is a short drop in power target, and up again! You’re a hero! - No, that sounds stupid. Now it’s really hurting. All that time that you have invested that week. It’s going to work out! Last interval - Try to give even a little more just to compensate for any small power drop that you’ll see in the profile - Last Sprint!! Done! You briefly clench your fist and ride the few minutes thinking that it wouldn’t be possible to ride one interval more (even though you’re sure that somehow you could have done even that). But why isn’t there more pathos, more euphoria? Ok, maybe you’re just too tired. You take a shower, leave the paincave and go upstairs. Children are outside playing, your wife asks you why you have been down there for so long and what’s up for dinner. You sit down and look at the badge in the app. Then you close the laptop. You’re back in real life.

Thanks guys for the possibility to ride the ToS and do something good. I guess that’s what will remain when the calendar is empty again next week.


Completed on the focused level.
Had covid in November, so this was a great test to make sure I’m actually recovered.

What a blast!
Love the storylines and sense of humour throughout.

Didn’t struggle majorly at any point, but hit the wall a couple of hours after finishing…Just a general feeling of being toast! Kudos to whoever does the maths on all the training level - really hit the spot.


As I’m about to embark on to Stage 7 with the rest of the Grupetto, I would like to put a “cheeky - not cheeky” plug for my fundraising effort and help me reach my goal.

“Cheeky” because why donate to me rather than to someone else, huh?
“Not cheeky” because as a member of Wahoo/SUF I’m not allowed to enter the awesome ToS prize draw (KICKR Bike anyone?) so all donations received not hurting your chances overall.
And also “not cheeky” because I’ll be rewarding one donor with a pretty sweet prize too!

Hop over to that thread on the forum:

Thank you!!


Go go go Francois! Crush it! Watch out for the broom wagon! :grimacing: :sweat_smile: :minibus:


Done! Always a pleasure! THANKS!


aaaand Done!

After a family day yesterday I had to postpone stage 7 until this moring (kinda disappointing as every other stage I managed on the ‘real day’ GMT, but hey ho. I managed a quick spin outside yesterday keep the legs ticking).

Defender (& HHNF) is probably favourite workout so I was looking forward to it. My legs were not in agreement with this. They got the Jens treatment and came in to line. Interval 4 I smashed and was pretty pumped for Attacker.

Then disaster! The app crashed 3 times trying to start Attacker and when I eventually got it going the video barely worked. I got maybe 2mins of footage/music throughout the whole session.
I had my secret weapon though (usually held back for tough Rouvy stages). With 3mins30 left on the last stage: “Alexa? Play Highway to Hell”. Boom.

A slightly disappointing end to an otherwise enjoyable tour.

Well done everyone. Whatever your motivation I hope you accomplished everything you intended to, and I hope the DPF has done as well out of this as it looks.



Please write an email to the minions (suf support) they will help you figure this out.

Congratulations on finishing!


DONE ! 1st time ToS in focused mode. Was able to make better than targeted power, so I already think to do it nuclear next time and I look forward to the next 4DP test in 2 weeks. I feel I improved a lot !

Thanks to all the organiser and the community, the spirit here is really appreciated: through the pain to the glory with kind of humour !

Thanks for the tips, did many time the « system checks » and it is so efficient ! And of course mental training is a must !
Thanks to the home office also… I was able to manage the timing for suffering, recovering, family, and yes working…

Now, time to get my own gift: I will look to another bike ! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just at end of stage 7


DONE. What a journey. CONGRATULATIONS to all who finished. And if you’re almost there, keep going. We’ll be cheering for you at the finish line.


HotSpurs…having a tough year tho. I’m getting tons of grief from my nephew, who’s a ManCity devotee.


It’s ok, I forgive you.

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Job done, had to reduce intensity, with the first weekend of spring like weather I had to get out on the open road afterwards. Well done everyone :muscle:t2:


Just finished. Am i too late? No Archivement Badge yet. :frowning:


They fixed things for me very promptly. Thank you!

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