ToS'21 Prep Plan In Place

Yep. Butter today. Doing the intermediate plan with mental, yoga, and strength. New numbers as of dec 13 too. Cash register tomorrow

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Yep, selected the Advanced plan as I wanted to maximize my suffering to sufficiently prep me for my first ToS. Don’t really have any idea what to expect, so better prepare :muscle:


Nice. Also included all the extras. Wasn’t sure if I should go for advanced or intermediate, but decided to go max suffer for max gain prior to ToS (and later on my Mt. Sufferlandria :wink:)

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I have a love/hate relationship with the TOS. This year will be my 6th(?)
BTW - Are there badges for those early, dark years of the TOS? I’m sure I have evidence of completion (scars and whatnot) if need be


So yesterday’s Butter was an utter disaster, so I feared today’s Cash Register.

But, like always, if I have a good night sleep after a fine Risotto, NM sprints are fun to do.

All is well Frozen Road tomorrow!


I know i should trust the plan but… Across the mountains (0:36) and Recovery booster (yoga) today kind of felt… unfulfilling? And tomorrow does not even contain cycling, only strength, yoga and MTP! :grimacing:

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First day of second week of prep plan, and it is completely empty. I am not sure how to deal with this… I need my suffer-fix!!! :grimacing:


I am encountering the same empty day.

Plenty of options available :slight_smile::

  • Additional yoga never hurts
  • Sub in an easy strength session with upper body focus
  • Watch an inspirational video with your feet up
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Thanks for the attempted comforting Pierre. I must admit I have already done som extra yoga last week, and looking to so some today as well.

In addition I am thinking to refine my suffer-cave set up a little (lower screen for better viewing in TT position, a necessary improvement experienced doing team scream during the weekend) which calls for a little bit of manual labour.

My outside bikes have been neglected lately too and could probably do with some TLC.

Except I want to suffer!

But I guess suffering from lack of suffering is also suffering, which makes us stronger? GvA sometimes works in mysterious ways.


Nothing wrong with some inspiration that’s done at recovery (z2) efforts. Minimal TSS and a decent workout. Shouldn’t be a hindrance to performing your overall plan unless you go too hard or don’t give yourself enough time for recovery.

More yoga’s also a good idea.

Week 2! Seems like an NM focused week in the intermediate plan. Rest day Monday. SUF Idol yesterday. GCN power torque today. Power station tomorrow.

For SUF Idol, I find myself standing to start each sprint. The rest of you?


Yes, pretty much. On the NM and AC sprints I lift my cadence for the few seconds before then stand as the sprint starts before sitting sitting down again. If not I find it all too easy to end up grinding to a halt in the spiral of death.

I do understand that “Coach knows best” but I don’t really like the GCN videos so I did The Chores instead of Power Torque. I thought it was Similar’ish!

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So, Cash Register is on my plan for today, and as it is my first time doing it I just wonder if I should go for the target or make it a max effort for the 10 sec sprints?

I’m just joining the prep plan today. My knees were feeling a little wobbly after FF + a strength workout yesterday and I was feeling demotivated to get back on the bike for Power Station today – but it was a great workout, love grinding up the mountains!

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For anyone wondering, tried to make max efforts of the sprints, worked quite well :+1:


ISLAGIATT today. Failed miserably during the second climb. I suffered so hard and just reaching sweet spot targets where FTP targets where in order. Happy that next week is recovery week.


I know just how you feel.

Came on to say ISLAGIATT - it wasn’t, it really wasn’t.

Got halfway through second climb and ground to a halt, dialled back to 95% and carried on. Got to the start of climb 3 and dialled back again to 90% where it stayed for the rest of the session. Honestly don’t think I could have gone any harder.

Thank goodness it’s recovery time.


Seems like I am not the only one who gets his ass kicked by the prep plan. :wink:

We can do it. There is always the next workout to look forward to.


There is some definite satisfaction at getting all the way through ISLAGIATT @100%

It feels like it really is good Nuclear TOS prep :grinning:


Now yall have me worried about doing ISLAGIATT in a little while! :wink: It’s okay, we suffer today so we can… suffer more later?

Edit: phew, so much suffering; would suffer more!

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