Tour de Suisse 1

I did this Pro Ride over the weekend.

Felt a bit odd with the long block of FTP esque power, then 10 minutes of real variability, and then long blocks again.

During the long block, there were notifications to surge and the racing was on, but there was no change in the power needed. Only once you started the descent did the power change. And then it was blasting from freewheel up to 500+w which was a huge jump!

Very different to the other Pro-Rides I have done.

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Yep, I noticed the sad and I agree. I do wish a few power changes had been implemented in those very long blocks.


Gave it a go today, found it pretty good at stimulating a long climb. The decent and then climb again is a bit random and the power jumps descending are tough to keep the flywheel up

Got super annoyed with the surge icon with no power change, clearly a bit sloppy on the editing.

Nonetheless a solid workout. Not sure I could do the whole thing at 100% even on a good day

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Perhaps mention it at:
Nitpicks and typos

Hopefully the minions will sort it out

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