Tour of Sufferlandria 2014 is on the calendar! Who's in?

:man_shrugging:t2: sorry Sir @Glen.Coutts

Out of a beautifull Very Dark Place but not so Dark as the Wretched , to me at least.



The Wretched is one of the most aptly named Sufferfests. :face_vomiting:


This Sir is a wise man.

I made it through today, but barely. The Hunted went well except at the end of the sprints I could tell my blood sugar was running down. So as soon at they were done i downed 25 carbs split between fast and slow carbs. I did get through at 100%.

But as I started Angels it was clear I was too late getting the carbs on board. I downed another 25 carbs but really struggled through this one. I made it, but it was dialed back and still painful.

I don’t often miss this bad on fuel, but it happens. On to tomorrow and Blender.


Egads! You two are killing it here! Amazeballs!

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This night of interrupted sleep I was visited by some old friends, the wrethced cramps, so it seems that I went to a very dark place yesterday after all.

Angels, weren’t very angelic!

I thought it would be worse tough, after the “crampsy” night but it wasn’t devastating.
Again, I evaluated it too early, because halfway through the Hunted, I literally took the sledgehammer man. (Since English is not my mother tongue, I lack vocabulary and also idiomatic expressions. Sledgerhammer man is an expression that is used in Portugal when we burst at a certain point in the race and from then on it is just surviving:)). Is there this literal expression in English? what expressions do you use? Is there any threath with this theme?

So on the second climb on The Hunted I weakened, but there I held on until the end! SUFFER!! :slight_smile: Misery! 2 videos.

My bow to all the glorious KoS around here! You are amazing! One day I will get there :))


Stage 8 is done, and I am sufficiently Blended. Oh Goody, all that is left is to be Violated! What fun.


Fun times ahead! Woot woot!

I’m assuming “sledgehammer man” is the same as the Spanish expression: vino el tío del mazo :slight_smile:

In English you’d say you’d “bonked”. (To emphasise it you could say “I bonked big time”, for example).

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Hi @JimC gracias! no conocia la expression vino el tio de mazo:) i guess that’s it :slight_smile: i’ve seen also “getting it by the hammer” wich resembles. Anyway, that was it :slight_smile:

Me too, feel blended and drained :slight_smile:

Had a birhday dinner the night before, couldn’t properly recover from the bonking in yesterday’s Hunt so today i really had to dig deep and somehow thinking about, humbly tough, honour the Sufferlandrian spirit and pull my self up in the saddle for a Blend. Today was all about the superior triad of the Suf symbol, Pain, Misery, Agony.

In the second plate i couldn’t hold the power and cadence and had do dial down to 80%.

Then in the TT in the end could put it back to 100%. I had no legs for the burts.

Is this allowed in the Tour of Sufferlandria?

I hope to be able to present myself with dignity tomorrow for the final violation.

Can’t bieleve it’s ending!
Thank you Sir director @Critmark and Sir @Glen.Coutts for leading me to this.


It was all Sir Stuart @Critmark

I’m just a spectator for this nonsense. :joy::joy::joy:





Nonsense…Nonsense! Since when is a stoopid, insane, unnecessary challenge instigated by a Knight nonsense?


Yah!!! Who would dare call it such a thing?! Show yourself!!!


ToS 2014 is in the books.

Total of 11 rides. 6 rides I recorded the farthest ridden for that ride. 4 fell a bit short by 0.14 miles to 0.4 miles. 1, Angels, was short by 1.24 miles since I messed up my fueling so badly. Overall, just shy of 5 miles farther collectively than the cumulative best rides prior. I will take it.



Click the link for the full details.



You are something else Sir!

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So with “beautifull and Terrible” Violator done, thus ends my first, albeit retro,ToS! :tada::confetti_ball:

Perfect ending!

2014 Tour of Sufferlandria “is in the books” !

It was a great challenge! Thank you Sufferfest, and Sufferlandrians, minions, laser goats and most certainly GvA.

And now what? do you mighty Knights usually do some recovery? so soon I won’t do something like that again… wait what? ToS 2015 in April after ToS 2023? perfect! and where do I fit the 2013 ToS to catch up with you Sir Stuart @Critmark ? :grin:


Yes definitely. Take some time to let the legs recover. I am doing a recovery ride tonight and then a short RGT downhill to spin out the legs. Well under an hour.

This is a bit trickier. There are eight weeks between now and The Tour. It could be done in the middle of that but that would mean a lot of recovery between. Think very hard about that before jumping in. One thing though, and it may not be the same for you, but I found 2013 easier than 2014.