Trainer Broken Need Advice To Keep On Track

Yesterday during my indoor workout my trainer died. It seems to be an electrical problem as I was doing one of the new inspiration videos and far from pushing hard and all of a sudden no resistance and then will not power on at all.

The problem I have is today my scheduled workout is “tool shed”. The rest of the week has some longer rides which I can translate to outdoor fairly easily. However, not sure how to really do something like tool shed on the road. Any thoughts on what may work?

Note I find it a little strange that this happened a week after the update to the new SYSTM app. However, really see no way a trainer command could kill a trainer.

Hi @MichaelG what trainer do you have ? I had a problem with an old Wahoo Kickr where it might have been a fault with the Power Brick, is it possible it might be a blown fuse in the plug ? It does sound strange that there’s no power at all now which could indicate a faulty plug or power cable as for the workout I’m not in a position to say what to do about that sorry.

This would be something to send directly to support for quicker and more direct assistance.

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The trainer is a Cycleops Hammer. Their support has been great and I expect to have a new power supply on the way.

That said I am more interested in thoughts on how to do something like “tool shed” outdoors safely. What is a good alternate as today I need to ride outside.

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Looking at what’s there Michael you could either do the Micro Intervals 2 x 12 at 1 hr 40 mins or take the Intervals 2 x 12 from it cut out the long bit in the middle and add in at the end 3 x 3 Map Builds but put 1 at the start and 2 at the end which be a bit like the Tool Shed

If you have a Garmin, create a workout on Garmin Connect with recovery intervals that end when you press the lap button. The hard intervals would be timed and setup to match the expected power output in Tool Shed.

While riding the workout outside press the lap button when you can safely do the next hard interval.

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