Trainer losing interactive connection after workout

Hello. Just getting used to using my first smart trainer on Suf (an Elite Zumo). Seems to be working well during workouts.

However, after finishing one workout the trainer seems to lose resistance and power control in the app. Even if I set to level 9 I can just spin. If I want control back (for some crazy reason I sometimes do 2 workouts back to back!) I need to turn off the trainer at the mains/wall socket, then when I turn it back all is well again. So it’s not a huge problem, more a slight annoyance.

Anyone had similar issues with Elite trainers? I’ve calibrated it a couple of times. Might be something to raise with manufacturer rather than with minions?

I get something similar with my Tacx flow. I’m running Suf on a PC and find that closing and reopening the app between workouts clears the issue. Doesn’t take long and means I don’t have to get off the bike.

Yeah, I’m on app on PC too. But closing app, or even disconnecting and reconnecting trainer doesn’t sort it out - need to stagger off the bike, switch the turbo off at the wall, then back on again.

That’s a pain. Good that you have an easy workaroud though.

I have a similar issue with an elite suito running the app on a MacBook Pro and high Sierra. Switching the trainer off and on restarts erg mode.