200 mile gravel grinder or mountainous gran fondo

My original plans of doing mountainous gran fondo and 200 mile gravel grinder plans were disrupted due to a bereavement.

The event in May is 170 miles with 7332ft of climbing.

So which plan should I be looking at post tour. The mountainous gran fondo or the the 200 mile gran fondo?

advice from the coaches gratefully received on the key benefits / appropriateness of the plans

Hey @Winterswim ,
The two plans are similar. The main difference is the obvious bigger volume in the 200mGG.
The question is, how much time you have for training. If you have plenty of time to train and plenty of time to recover, choose the GG. On the other hand you have other major responsibilities/stressors, go with the MGF. You can add strength to both plans. You can’t go wrong with either plan as long as it fits with your life,The key is absorbing/adapting to the training. Hope that helps a bit.

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Coach many thanks for the reply. I had plugged in the gg but just wanted to check. Have plenty of time although with current restrictions in UK can see a few weeks of the outside rides being done inside :grinning:

Nothing like long indoor rides to improve that mental toughness!!!
Let us know how it goes for you.