7 Weeks until Fondo

I have about 7 weeks, untilI take part in a Fondo event roughly around 85 miles with not much climbing due to being it Cambridge in the UK. I have a releativly good base level of fitness but only have managed 2-3 hours or so in the bike in the past 4 weeks due to life.

I am eending on just doing a General Fitness plan and topping up with any Endurance rides 2 hours and greater when time allows.

Any thoughts are appeciated.

You could use the century plan with the end date the date of your event๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

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@MrHyde based on your available time and what you have been able to accomplish the past month, I believe the General Fitness Plan would be a great option. The plan has 2 key workouts a week and if you can get in some extended Z2 and Z3 rides on the weekends you should be set. I suggest making the week beore the event a little lighter.

Happy Training!


Thank you both.

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