Training plan colors orange - not green

Hi. Another question from me. I have completed two exercises (trying the mental challenge). I listened from start to finish and completed the exercises. In the exercise itself it says DONE

However, in the training plan it shows orange (less than 80% complete). Can you help me to understand why this would be?

Many thanks


Hi @Peterjones,
I’d recommend that you contact the minions about this. They will be able to dig in a bit further for you.

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Hi, I noticed this myself when doing the MTP.

@Cody.Moore @Peterjones This is because in the training plan the planned time for the module includes the entire time it should take you to finish the module rather than the module’s actual run time. This is because the video tells you to pause it which makes it take longer than the actual run time for the video. So the calendar says it will last 30 minutes because it takes you about 30 minutes to complete, altogether. But the module itself only lasts 11 minutes. So, it gets colored orange as incomplete because the module only records the time you spend playing the video and doesn’t include any of the time you spend with the video paused.

I don’t know if this is expected to be fixed in the next version of the software, but I hope it is.

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Ahh, yep that makes sense. Okay, cool. I’ll get this reported.


Thanks @Cody.Moore and @emacdoug. I have also raised a ticket. Good to know. I paused for time to fill in the details, but I hear what you say about the video being paused.

The forum is great on Sufferfest. Super quick and relevant answers. I tried another forum (for another app sorry) last week and am still waiting for a reply. Anyway, I am far more impressed with Sufferfest anyway and the forum is a nice bonus.

Thanks for all the help.