Training Plan offline

Hi, All

I’m a new to Sufferfest, and after a week of FF Prep Plan, followed by FF I selected the All Purpose Road Plan and now into my 4th week…

My Pain Cave is in my detached garage which is about 25 metres away from the house and with no Wifi connection.

The issue I have is, when I’m in the house with a wifi connection I can select a workout from the Calendar Tab, when in the garage with no wifi, I need to select the workout from the Workouts Tab.

Question is, does this affect my 4DP anyway.

Hi @Billy . Your details are all held within the app’s data. Therefore, when you select the workout from the Workouts Tab it will work fine against your 4DP. However, if the workout in the plan has the intensities changed (you’ll see a “notes” icon in the workout on the calendar) then these won’t be applied if you load up the workout from the workouts tab instead. You need to check on the calendar and then apply them in the settings screen when the workout is loaded. Alternatively, if you’re using a iPad or laptop you can load the workout from the calendar in the house and then hit play once you’re in the garage

Hi Genolan,

Thanks for the info; much appreciated.