Training Plan why is it different on my Phone

So is anyone else having issues with a Training Plans loading to their phones correctly? I created the Cyclocross training plan on my laptop, but when I go to view it on my phone, the scheduled workout are all off a day and there no workouts on Sundays? Doesn’t seem like the two systems are syncing.

I haven’t exactly that problem, but have experienced weird time delays in syncing. I usually “do stuff” (aimlessly restarting the app and things like that) and then it gets better. Maybe if I just waited it would too, but I don’t know. All said, in my case it seems to fix itself eventually.

I think there’s a glitch over the last week around timezones/clocks changing or something. Lots have had issues. Many reported. It’s being worked on

Good news, I reached out to support, they already got back to me. The solution was to reload the app on my iPhone. Everything is syncing now!