Training plan workout reduced intensity: data points reduced as well, or original targets?

Question about the workout at reduced intensity in a training plan.
Some workouts are set at a reduced intensity. In the calendar it states:
“Your coaches have set this workout at a reduced intensity…”

I know this only happens when starting the workout from the calendar view.
My question is on the dashboard during the workout, the target data shown here: Is the target data (HR zone, Power) showing the targets of the workout at 100% of the workout, or are the numbers shown also lowered because the workout is reduced? I hope the latter.

I’m in the Fitness kickstarter plan, end of week 4. I’ve seen some workouts on reduced intensity with some power targets which felt easier then the wattage value suggested, which confuses me a bit… Am I indeed generating the power as indicated on screen, or is the reduction not reflected in the numbers shown on screen?
When doing a workout without reduced intensity, I don’t feel confused about the numbers.

Hope my question is clear.


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Hi @RolfAalders. I am also in wk 4 of the fitness kickstarter plan. In my experience only the power is reduced on the reduced intensity workouts when started from the calendar. Indeed I’ve seen feature requests elsewhere on the forum for the HR and RPE numbers as they are meaningless in these circumstances

Yes, power targets are reduced accordingly. But the HR zones are not, so just ignore those. Cadence targets also remain the same, so they sometimes feel too high at the reduced power levels.



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