Workouts in plan set @ a lower intensity

Afternoon all.

Just had a quick question:

I’m currently in the beginning of week 4 of the eRacing training plan. I kicked it off w/ the Full Monty test after a little rest and keeping on top of it.

While doing the workouts I noticed that one of them noted that “the coach had set it at a lower intensity”. I assumed that I had done something wrong, and reset the intensity. I did this because the targets seemed very easy and I was able to do the workout @ 100%. It was a workout, yes, but I could complete it.

I then came across a 2nd one, which made me think it wasn’t something I had done. But to make sure, I should just be accepting and doing the workouts that come along as ones with a lowered intensity, even if the targets don’t seem like they would be too stressful?

I’m definitely seeing this plan as a greater challenge than the plans over on Zwift, so I’m quite happy with them. I just wanted to make sure I’m doing them right.


The reduced intensity workouts were for recovery and endurance rides within the plan. However, since the new Inspiration category was introduced, the reduced intensity workouts should be applied less often, if at all. So I would suggest that you re-insert the workout plan within the app and apply it specifically to the end date of your original plan. The manually adjusted sessions should then disappear and be replaced with some “inspiration” sessions.
You can keep your original plan to compare it with the new one and check if everything is as you want it to be. However, once you are satisfied with the newly applied plan, you should delete the original one to avoid any confusion.