Training plans based solely on NoVids

Hey, are there any plans of more structured training plans, based solely or in majority with NoVid workouts ?

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Hey @micro,

We do not have any training plans based solely on NoVids. We find that they are a love/hate type of training session for a lot of people and haven’t had much demand for training plans based solely/primarily on them. We find that most users love The Sufferfest primarily for the video workouts. All of the training plans are periodized and structured, so can you elaborate on what you mean by “more structured training plans?”

Thank you for the response.

Well that a language barrier for you :). I did not mean as that the plans should have more structure in them, but as more quantity of structured training plans - sheer number :slight_smile:

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Gotcha, @micro. We are getting there with more plans…they’re on the road map and had been planning to get more out around this time but have been delayed. They’re coming though!


Not sure if I’m missing something, but you can turn the vid off for a video workout. You just get the graph and the storyline.
You can then play your own movie, YouTube or whatever to watch.

Just an FYI, one could also turn the storyline off in the display tab of settings if you’re watching something else.