In Praise of ... NO VID Workouts!

While there will always be something special with “regular” sufferfest workouts (storyline, visuals, music), I have to compliment the team on the NO VID Workouts. It took me a while to delve into them but in the past number of weeks I have completed more no vid than Vid.

The variety and structure that they provide is great especially for focussed training blocks (eg. 20 min Sub threshold etc). Some of the Vid Workouts really “squeeze the lemon” and I can be left feeling drained if I do not get enough recovery. But the NO VID gave necessary volume, kept me fresh and coming back for more. Proof that they work: Just came back from short trip in France and on climb hit all time 20 min power number


Welcome to The Sufferfest @Joe, thanks for contributing!

We’re so happy to hear that you’re enjoying the NoVids. They really are a fantastic way to change up the routine of the classic Sufferfest video workouts and stay focused on a particular training goal without smashing yourself. Well done and keep it up!


I really like the no vids workouts for when I’m watching football or motorcycle racing.


I did cadence drills/holds/ single leg drills yesterday for the first time. That was a great workout.
I am at the end of my test week and my legs feel “springy” and ready to crush it.


I really like the variety of the NoVid workouts, and would love to see more of them used in plans. Left out as they are means you have to go off-piste to do most of them, and that’s not ideal unless you’re good at building your own plan.

The Building Blocks are another thing I really like - again, could do with a way to integrate them into a plan - at the end or beggining, or somewhere in the middle after a Half Monty session maybe. All great stuff from the team though :slight_smile:


Loving the NoVids! Especially the recovery / lower TSS ones as I’ve been doing coming back from injury. Managed to watch almost the entire Mandolorian series on NoVids

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