Transatlantic Knighthood attempt

A few weeks ago I saw rather coincidentally in the Sufferfest Online Forum that Evan emacdoug wants to try to complete the Sufferfest Knighthood Challenge at the very same time as myself. So I followed him on Strava and contacted him via this forum. I found it a great opportunity to motivate each other for this very hard challenge. And to
be honest, in normal life, you rarely meet so many like-minded people who are as crazy as you are to try this challenge.
From Evans Strava’s comments, I had learned that his father suffers from a very rare disease (called PSP), which is somehow similar to Parkinson’s disease but is less common and therefore little researched.
So I am supporting Evan in his fundraiser for CurePSP. I created an opportunity to donate here: JustGiving CurePSP
For Evan and me it’s less than one week to go to approach the gates of SUF Knighthood. Saturday shall be the day.

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