Translating 4DP HR results to

I got a result of 4DP HR zones and wanted to translate it to the one from Which number should I change there? It seems there are more zones in Intervals.

You can edit your HR zones in the settings of

You can change the number of zones to 5 easily by selecting Andy Coggin (5) in the presets:

Then use the ranges defined in SYSTM to manually change your ranges in to match:


Holy moly, this is like a magic to me. I thought I have to manually translating it to 7-zone. Thanks a lot!!

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Where do you find thes presets? I am looking in settings but can’t seem to find it.

It’s the edit button next to the ‘Heart Rate Training Zones’

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thank you, how could I miss that?

To be fair, I also missed that :rofl:. The amount of editable fields are insane, let alone the available choices