Triple midweek short suffering

Half is Easy, The Cure, No Place Like Home triple on Tue, Wed, Thur with an extra set of Physio Thursday before NPLH was excellent for Max Suffering in Min Time. Time crunched this week but had to Suffer.

I can recommend the combo. NPLH was perfect amount of Suffering after the two previous intense sessions. I could have opted for Getting Away with it, but the 8 mins were going to make the difference between eating a late evening meal and it being in the dog!!

Top sessions Wahoo/Sufferfest team. Thank you. We need more Sufferfest Sessions.

I’m going to keep on experimenting with Max Gainz Min Time next week!! Maybe Joyride and Idol.

Would The Long Scream be too much to squeeze in as well as a triple midweek combo? And if not, what order?


+1 on more Sufferfest vids and I absolutely LOVE the 30 mins(ish) options. I think you could probably stay very fit just doing those.

There’s some GREAT No-Vids in that category too that would be dreamy with the magical treatment of His Brilliantness Sir @Francois-Wahoo

Edit: No comment on Long Scream :face_vomiting:


There does look to be good No-Vids, I’ll have to try them. Up to now though I’ve been too time crunched/lazy to make a play list for the sound track and that’s why I like the Sufferfest for music and corny storyline.

I’ve never done the Long Scream but after reading @timbo recent post I am certainly wondering if it would be possible as part of the combo.

I suppose there is no reason why it couldn’t be turned down 2 or 3 percent? I’m yet to experiment too, with the power settings. But that could make sense.


I have a natural weakness/dislike for sustained efforts longer than 5 or 6 mins. I’ve never completed Long Scream at anything remotely close to 100%. Works well as a reduced recovery spin though :wink:

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Agree. I find long efforts on a trainer really tedious and tough to accomplish compared to similar outdoors. Clever vids help some, but are no replacement for passing each power pole and making progress toward the crest of the hill in the distance.

@FatSprinter Great to hear you’ve been able to get in 3 sessions back to back this week! There is no doubt that @Francois-Wahoo does an amazing job putting videos together with a story line! As @Glen.Coutts has said, there are some really good no vids that will get you working, so I encourage you to try some out. As for this coming week, you could lower the intensity 10-15% in Long Scream or you could look at doing one of the following-

On Location- French Pyrenees: Cirque du Litor
No Vids- Tempo Increasing Cadences: 6 x 2

As for the order, if you are fatigue more at the end of the week, stick with lighter session option such as the two I recommended above. If you want to Suffer- begin with Idol followed by Joyride. Completing Idol, Easier Day then Joyride would really allow you to give the two intense session a really good crack!

Happy Training!


There’s also 2 great pro rides clocking in at 35 mins each ish. UAE Tour 2 and Giro d’Italia 1.
Max suffering in minimal time.