TT's which workouts to replace

Hi, I have touched on this before but really need some input from those more experienced than me at juggling outside Races with indoor training. TT season has started, my first. 99% of my training up until now has been indoors but now I will be doing two TT’s a week (a 10 or 12 on a Wednesday evening and a 7 on a Saturday morning) At the moment I am on the TT plan and I am struggling to work out where I can fit these in without overdoing it or leaving too much out so I under train and lose fitness. Should I just end the TT plan as we are now in the season and do more recovery or zone two in the other sessions or fit in at least one other HIIT session during the week. For example the screenshot is this weeks plan. I have already moved the HOLY WEEK to Tuesday to give me a break on Wednesday ready for the Evening TT but I have VISE GRIPS on Thursday which may not be a good idea. Friday I really should have a rest day ready for the Saturday morning TT but COBBLER is there on Satruday with nowhere to move it and as for Sunday well??? I really have difficulty just removing workouts from the plan completely as I feel its a failure and up to now I generally just shuffle them around. I need a training plan or ideas where to go from here which will incorporate my two TT’s but give me enough training stimulus and recovery to improve. many thanks