Two milestones in one day!

This past Sunday was a great day :partying_face:

I competed in my first race since starting thesufferfest 12 week eSports racing plan 2 weeks ago. I added on yoga, strength and mental training to my calendar on top of the workouts.

Today I hit TWO milestones :star_struck::man_dancing:t5:

My 1st was getting on the podium in a Cat D Zwift Race! I placed 2nd per Zwiftpower and hit a new record for my 5 min power (2.7 w/kg at 230 watts)!!!

My 2nd came from the last minute decision to choose to suffer more and goin a targeted 2 w/kg group ride :sweat_smile:. I planned on giving it my best 20 min effort and dropping off.

Wellll…I not only destroyed that 20 min effort and got 2.4 w/kg at 203w BUT I finished the hour at 2.3 w/kg at 191w!!!

My weakness per my 1st 4DP Full Frontal test was sustained efforts, so this really does mean the world to me that I accomplished this. :sob::grin:

According to Zwift my FTP rose from 144-193!!! I also got a top 10 finish out of 78 people per Zwift Power!

I dug deep for the race right before this and believed in myself enough to pull off this monumental effort! I couldn’t be happier :grin::raised_hands:t5:

My reward for this accomplishment was time in the hammock. This relaxation was earned today :muscle:t5:


That’s some outstanding progress, @MrStrongg! Congratulations on crushing those numbers.

The Sufferlandrian in you is strong :facepunch::sunglasses::zap:


Yay, keep up the good work, Jonathan. These are some very awesome gains. :partying_face:

I love how you managed to work on your weakness and came up on top.


So good!!! Way to SUF!