Upcoming RPE change

Not sure if this should be in the nitpicks and typos, or in feature requests.

I rode SUF idol in level mode as part of TOS. Rather than display HR, I thought I’d use power and RPE. However I couldn’t use the RPE at all as you don’t get advance warning of changes (as you do with power and cadence). Not sure if this is deliberate and you have to anticipate moves and react, or an omission.

@gpsjared is this one for you?

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If I understand you correctly, you rode without power on screen for SUF Idol? And when only displaying RPE, there’s no 10 second warning/timer like there is above the power metric when there’s an incoming change (the difference pictured)?

Definitely hear where you’re coming from, I’ll make sure to document this request for the team. Thanks! :handshake:

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