Update in App Store

Version 7.2.1 is now available in the App Store.


Installed, but still can not connect the trainer and the app.

Hey, @Carlos_Garcia_Villas I encourage you to contact our support team. They should be able to get you fixed up.

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first thing I done when the issue came out, still not conecting.

Did you restart your trainer and “forget” it on whatever device you’re syncing to?

I had to do that yesterday for some reason even though I was in the beta group but updated my other phone that I sometimes use to run SUF.

Yes, I just do it has you said, but the only devices the app is able to find are the HR monitors from the 9round across the street.

I delete any app that can may sync to the trainer, forgot all other devices paired to the device, restart everything, all this on two different IOS devices and no luck.