Updating 20 minute figure of 4DP for Workout Targets

I just came off of a threshold block, with last week being a down week leading into a weekend of racing. It’d been about 8 weeks since my last test and coming off of the off-season, I’m starting to regain some fitness.

After this weekend’s results, I should likely need to update some numbers in my Athlete Profile. Here’s the part that doesn’t seem to be working: I updated the 20-minute figure, saved it, and added a tempo block and all the areas that use the 20-minute figure all still seem to be using the older figure.

I checked the profile section to make sure it had been saved, as it has. I can see that change across 2 different devices.

I assumed that updates to the Athlete Profile should affect upcoming workouts, but am I incorrect in this and it will only update if I do a full test?

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If you log out and back in it should update your workout settings.