Upload training to Roam


I would like to know: Is it any possibility to upload training plan to my wahoo roam and do it outdoor ? Maybe any other app ?? I like my wahoo kickr but I dont want to ride every ride indoor.


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This is a long-term request and one the Wahoo team are well aware of.

Currently there is no means to do this directly, but there are workarounds that you could look for. People have exported SYSTM workouts to TrainingPeaks etc and then converted to formats that can be transferred to a head unit.

It’s not really any use to me because where I live is all rolling hills and short stretches of roads between junctions, so there is nowhere to do anything resembling intervals.

However, it is definitely on the Wahoo team’s radar and while it’s not available now they’re constantly working on new features so cross your fingers and maybe consider holding your breath…

Right now, I wouldn’t recommend moving some of the workouts to your ROAM as they require quick changes in intensity and tempo. However, any ride that doesn’t require such could be moved via TP to your ROAM. This may require a Premium account though.

Hopefully I didn’t kill you by telling you to hold your breath, didn’t have to hold it too long at all!