URGENT Trainer help

Hey all you sufferlandrians. I am need of urgent advice please. It’s new Trainer day and my new Suito is lovely and smooth and looks the par too but I’m pretty sure it’s not going into erg mode. I have already calibrated and down the spin down. Does erg mode need to have a ant+ connection to work? If so I’ll need to get a dongle for my Apple Mac.


I don’t know that trainer, but if these articles don’t help then give the minions a buzz direct by email -usually sorts everything out in short order…


Thanks for the reply. I’m okay on both those articles so I have emailed the minions.


SOLVED I had the ETraining app open at the same time, obviously causing a conflict.
Well ERG mode is really COOL!! Takes a few seconds for the cadence to settle but im thinking that could be because trainer is new! Therese at the minions has suggested the “Revolver” to really test it.
Hopefully in that workout I can then identify the ideal gear selection to enable enough recovery.


Those minions… :smiling_imp:


I know right :zipper_mouth_face: And to compound matters having fried my brain reading 100’s of articles about turbo trainers my ELA has kicked in this week meaning I have mixed up my days forgetting today was rest day! of course I only realised this having done 90 minute outdoor ride, DOH. I gave Revolver a go anyway for 15 minutes, early impressions suggest small ring (36) and 15 on the back is a good combination for the Suito. Lots more experimenting to do. Cadence builds tomorrow but the dreaded (or so it seems) Nine Hammers on Saturday
Onwards and Upwards

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Minions rock!!! :metal::guitar:

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