Videos with CX and/or MTB

As Cyclocross and XC MTB are the activities that I participate in the most, I’d like to see more videos with this content.
Pretty sure Revolver and Blender both have CX.
Anyone know others with this content?

You have UCI Centre 6: MBT Race, which is pretty cool, great video, immersive.

Not quite CX, but there’s a gravel video: Gravel Grinder with Neil Henderson.

That’s about it as far as I know.


No Place Like Home has some CX content

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Totally. What I often do is turn off the workout video and use the mini player over mtb/cx POV videos I find on line. This is also good when the workout vid is some story line like the Inspiration videos that you’ve seen and don’t want to watch again.


Lots of the inspiration videos - From the ground up, great divide

No place like home is mostly CX


If you haven’t done Half is Easy yet you’ll love it. There’s CX and MTB in there, and some BMX too but the workout description says it all:


Some good tips, thanks. Most of those I have not done and will queue them up post Tour.