Violator for "sprinters" is far worse than full frontal

I’m a sprinter, not because I can sprint, but because I’m big and my sustained effort is so bad.

64 sprints where the first 28 are all above 800w… come on… seriously? At #26 I was trying not to puke and I was only able to hit about 80% of the target, by #50 I was chewing on the stem, and by the end I was simply dead. It is worse that full frontal.

Seriously, can anybody hit all the targets in Violator?

I think Cartman summed it up best, with some sort of comment directed towards Mr Garrison.

Brutal. Absolutely brutal. I’m a Sufferlandrian, so obviously I want to come back and do better next time, but that was brutal.

I’m in a state of shock how tough that was. I find my weakest areas are the ones I can bulldoze my way through and scrape through to the end. (I’m looking at you 9 hammers). But this was on another planet ugly.



Pure Evil. :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


The first set is doable. The second set is just doing what I can. The third set is just hanging on for dear life while hoping to catch my breath and that my legs don’t fall off.

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FWIW I am also a “sprinter’ but I’d still rather do Violator than FF.

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Same here. I’ve recently become a “sprinter” because I took time off and lost some of my endurance and then tested a high NM which shifted me from a Pursuiter to a Sprinter even tho I’m still much better at grinding out long efforts than doing “sprints”. And I would definitely prefer Violator over FF.

This is beginning to sound like a Sufferlandrians Annonymous meeting. “Hi. My name is Sir, Evan. And I’d rather do Violator than Full Frontal”.

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I am Spartacus! I’d rather do FF than HHNF :slight_smile:



I’d still rather do HHNF than FF. Lol. There’s another workout I’d rather do than FF, but I’m not allowed to talk about it. :boxing_glove:


I’d rather do that than FF. I think HHNF is the only one that just shatters me beyond all recognition. That nasty little TT at the end is just plain mean. I hate HHNF soooo much I had to include it in my quest :nauseated_face::nauseated_face::face_vomiting:. I suck so much at efforts longer than 5-8 minutes. Defender (and Sirs Mac and Neal) can also kiss my A$$

Of course FF shatters me too but at least with that you get an updated set of training numbers for your reward.

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Defender is one of my favorites. That alone is one of the reasons I know I’m not really a sprinter. :slight_smile:

The workouts that get me are the longer harder efforts like 14 Vice Grips and The Shovel. I did GOAT this morning and it was a piece of cake even with a new and improved FTP. But make me do Revolver and its all I can do to only barely somehow hang on.


I LOVE 14 Vise Grips! Lol. I am accurately classified as a sprinter but I’ve got the physique of a darts player.


That’s better than the physique of a dart board, I guess. :dart:


It’s been 4 hours and I still feel slightly traumatized by the ride today. The replies to this thread have cheered me up though.

Thanks all.



Targets smargets. My old school recommendation for Violator is to turn off the targets. All of the targets. There are no targets.

Bang = sprint. As hard as you can for as long as you can. Or until…

Screech = stop… if you’re still going, which you will be because you MUST NOT STOP until the screech. “Recover”. Prepare for the next one.

The early efforts won’t be so bad. The later efforts will be bad, really really bad. Just hit each one as hard as you can for as long as you can. And never EVER stop before the screech.

This is how you DO Violator. IM (old school) HO and all that.


I have a love-hate relationship with Violator.

It requires more mental prep than doing FF. I have a sprinter profile and I feel that Violator stresses each and every of my fast-twitch muscle fibers. Honestly, I can’t make it without a couple of pauses to catch a breath, I think I pause for a minute or two three or four times on the last one.

I would love to see a mash-up of Violator and other workouts. I feel there are fewer sprint-focused workouts like it in comparison with the other 4DP metrics (AC/MAP/FTP).

That is pretty much what I did. I went as hard as I could for as long as I could. I heard the screech and sat down, looked up and had to go again.

I wasn’t hitting the targets, so I just gave it everything I had.

Every comment I have isnt family friendly about violator. Hamburger hill has a great line I’d love to use but it would be inappropriate.



@neillfontes The Shovel and Kitchen Sink probably are the closest matches to Violator in terms of NM and AC - both workouts are also very difficult in their own way.


I hate Violator, but I find Revolver easy.

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Original, or the one available to the hoi poloi?

I did both during the TOS. I’m a bit partial to the updated one, but I enjoy them both.

The updated one seems to be more well thought out.
What do you think of the Mini Version of Blender?