Violator in TT position

Preparing for TT’s next year, I try t ride as much in TT position in Sufferfest but did my last FF with my normal road bike.

First week of my 12 weeks advanced TT training plan with strength training. Today Violator ! After Long Scream (TT Bike) that was already quite hard the day after the strength training, Violator (TT Bike) seemed too hard and I changed the bike after the first two intervals. Results were better but strength training really impact my ability to be tough. As I read that it is normal during the four first weeks, I wait…

I’m just starting the TT intermediate plan - haven’t the time to commit to the longer weekend rides of the advanced plan, but weekday workouts look similar.

Can’t help on the TT position side, as my goal is to develop FTP for (hopefully) racing again next year.

Have you done the TT plans before? It’d be good to hear how you get on and find the plan.

@Alistair_Brown I followed Mountainous/Hilly Gran Fondo Plans this year and they were very helpful for reaching my goals.

I try to ride minimum 3 times per week in TT position (Kickr or outside) because I think that beside raising my FTP and MAP I need to be as efficient as possible in TT.

And.I have to say that with 47 years old, my ftp and map won’t rise any more as much as I would like.

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Even though I am not doing TT or Try stuff anymore I still got my TT bike on the Kickr. For me mainly to have a more “Locked” position on the bike, when required.
For your purpose I would think it does make sense to ride TT like videos with the TT bike … maybe like the new COBBLER - but Violator is a complete different chapter, and I wouldn’t do them in aero position.

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@kraton77 Thank you for your information. I try to check which videos I’ll do in TT position.