Wahoo Elemnt Cycle Computer Stop/Start when in Cafè

Hello everyone, when I have a cafè stop during my ride, I press STOP then I bring my Wahoo Elemnt Cycle Computer into the cafè and leave it under the table. It keeps on starting by itself ‘Ride Resumed’ then ‘Paused’ for a few seconds constantly for the next 30 mins there, even though it hasn’t moved from under the table. Also it bleeps during this fault. Any ideas why it’s doing it. Thanks in advance.

Probably a combination GPS signal and auto-pause feature. It is detecting “movement” from the GPS signal bouncing about and starting and stopping with the auto-pause feature turned on. You can turn off auto-pause in the Wahoo companion app, however, you then have to remember to ‘Start’ your ride again when you leave the cafe, so turning the feature off can be a double-edged sword.


GPS has become totally unreliable. I’m sitting in my home, facing South. Not once in the last two weeks has Strava pointed out I’m facing that way.