Wahoo RGT Problem with Keiser m3i

I’m new here, so I apologize if this has already been discussed. I’ve just started my 14 day trial of Wahoo X, and I am having connection issues when using the RGT app. I have a Keiser m3i bike, but the app seems to be detecting an incorrect device. To anyone familiar with Keiser bikes, you know that you have to establish a bid# for the m3i computer. My number is set up as m3i-001. The problem seems to be that the RGT app lists the device as m3i-000. When I run the Wahoo SYSTM app, the device shows up correctly as m3i-001, and it connects flawlessly through the SYSTM app. If anyone has any insight into this, it would be greatly appreciated.

I also have a Keiser m3i but had not yet tried using the new RGT app, but after testing it out am experiencing this same problem.

I’ve attached screenshots demonstrating the bug(s), but the RGT app is able to detect the m3i Bluetooth signal, since it displays the power/cadence from the bike, it just then “fails to connect” and the power/cadence shown in RGT drop to zero.

If I’m riding a route, after RGT fails to connect, I can toggle the Bluetooth LTE option off and on so that RGT again detects the power/cadence from the m3i and my avatar starts riding again, but as soon as the RGT app “fails to connect,” the power/cadence displayed in RGT again drop to zero, and my avatar stops riding.

I’m not able to move this post to a different category for whatever is best to alert Wahoo staff of the problem, but if someone who has those permissions in the forum could that would be great.


Yes. This is exactly my experience, but you articulated it and explained it much better than I did. Thank you for your insight.