Wahoo Systm for MAC intel

I think you have to open a support ticket… not publicly posted.

See link for support a few posts above.

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@Ocean Contact support.

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I had exactly same issue. Am using same version of Big Sur as well. I just reverted to the old version (via link sent from support). All good now. I am avoiding having to upgrade a Mac Air 2013 for as long as possible. I only use for SYSTM and maybe occassional streaming service

Hi Everyone - we have an official update on the MacOS + SYSTM 7.71 = black screen

Our Development Team has confirmed the new app requirements from Apple have made the app incompatible with some older MacOS versions. Unfortunately, we are not able to make any changes to the app to make it compatible and still be accepted by Apple for release.

If you have this issue and can update to MacOS-12, please do so, as this will resolve the issue.

If you have a Mac that is no longer able to update, please submit a ticket to The Minions and we’ll send you a set of detailed instructions to rollback your app without autoupdates, allowing you to use your Mac + SYS. Cheers!


I also got the black screen. I used the timemachine to get it back and it started again.

However, upgrading software with out checking the hardware for compability first is NOT very professional. Wahoo should make the previous version avaliable for download and include a check to avoid installing incompatible software. It is allowed to use common sense for their developers!!

The issue not one that Wahoo can or should control. Apple updated XCode with the release of Sonoma. When that happened support for OSX 11 ended. This is Apple’s policy and they ended stability releases at the same time. Only necessary security releases occur for the next two years. This is to minimize issues arising from existing problems with older versions of OSX. I’ve been caught by them as well with other software products.
I do agree that Wahoo should have warned users that they would have to upgrade to stay current though.

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Thanks for the explanation.

When asked to upgrade the warning should also appear with minimum OS-version required. Would have prevented problems for many users.

The TimeMachine saved me but the other solution would maybe to drop Wahoo and find other software. A lot cheaper than a new Mac.

not really a solution on a forum for SYSTM software though :wink:

Edit: also, Dame Ellissa has already said that for anyone who has this problem, they will provide a legacy version of the SYSTM software. That is THE solution for anyone not wanting to upgrade their Mac.

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Agreed! Maybe I should stop writing when I am annoyed :thinking:

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Now there’s a lesson for most of us. It’s precisely when we’re annoyed that we tend to be the most vocal. Anyway, welcome to the forums @TeHo59.

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The issue is finding a place to get your Mac repaired. I need a new battery for my 2011 Mac. will visit a shop to see if they can do it.

Tried OpenCore Legacy patcher yesterday night, to “save” my 2010 27" iMac from the black screen.
With OCLP I succed ton install Mac OS Monterey on this old unsupported iMac. It took more than 1 hour to proceed all the steps, but now no more black screen, I’m back in action !!!


There’s a way to do everything. The cavet is if you break it, you get to keep the pieces.


Mac Mini 2012, Catalina 10.15. Updated SYSTM => BLACK SCREEN. Pulled back SYSTM 7.69.0 from my Time Machine backup. Replaced the new version. So far, so good. Will stay with 7.69.0 until it stops working. :biking_man: