Systm running workout to zwift


Would like to transfer the systm running workout to zwift. Anyone has done this ?


There is no transferring of them, as most don’t really exist as workouts in SYSTM. They’re just a set of instructions. You have to build them yourself instead outside of SYSTM.

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I may have mis-read your request. If you meant the “running workouts” then, yeah as @jcolp says above.

If you mean how to “run” a SYSTM workout in Zwift, then…

Depending on what you want to do or how your trainer set up is configured, you have some options. This will be very specific to your setup, both trainer and where you are running SYSTM/Zwift.

I can run SYSTM and Zwift on a Mac laptop using only Bluetooth at the same time. I can run SYSTM controlling my trainer (a KICKR Bike v1), and Zwift also paired but not controlling the trainer (so Resistance control in Zwift is off). I’ve only started this recently mostly to accumulate XP in Zwift with my new “free” subscription. In my set up the only issue I have encountered is that one of my HRMs (a Scosche) must not be dual Bluetooth channel so it can’t be in SYSTM and Zwift at the same time. I have a Polar HRM that works just fine though. If I care, I wear the right HRM, but quite often I’m going to delete the Zwift activity from Strava and SYSTM calendar anyway, so the HRM isn’t always needed. I will usually run SYSTM in mini-player mode and over the Zwift screen, but you can just have Zwift in the background if you want.

If you’re actually wanting to transfer the SYSTM workout to Zwift, and only use Zwift, look into this:

It is a Chrome or Firefox extension that will allow you to export the workout to FIT or ZWO format. I have not tried it yet to go to ZWO/Zwift.

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