Wahoo X January Challenge - Go All In

Hehe. Yeh. The devil is in the details :smiling_imp:, I’m just drawing attention to the titles. Hoping for a job at the Ministry of Pedantry :pray:


Thanks @Glen.Coutts the tab created does indeed state that however the page itself does not specifically refer to cycling. As stated above, these monthly challenges are designed to get people moving both on and off the bike. They are created as an additional goal for our users to do. :slightly_smiling_face:

As @Martin has mentioned, everyone is entitled to their personal opinions. As far as the challenges go, they are not individually customized, purely an opportunity to highlight the variety of content that SYSTM has to offer.


All good here Sir. Just pointing out why some people might think otherwise is all.


Kind of hilarious to see “sufferlandians” who can’t handle the challenge 15 minutes of fairly basic yoga; perhaps some are moving to coachlandia


You are entitled to your opinion. However, I see the challenges as a marketing tool of Wahoo. As a Business Analyst, I give them kudos for doing so. For the record, I don’t use any of the yoga stuff as I’ve moved on. I completed the Mental Toughness regimen and it was very cycling targeted, and I’ve been through mental toughness training for several different reasons. Same with the strength and mobility programs. Some folks don’t and actually shouldn’t use them.
BLUF: If all I wanted was a cycling training program, there are way better than SYSTM. I chose to use this product because of the varying aspects it provides.


4th of the month and I have my badge already - a record for me!

Thank you @Rupert.H for creating this challenge :+1:, I enjoyed all of the sessions in what turned out to be a surprisingly controversial set - bet you weren’t expecting that when you put them together!

Best workout for me was Power Station, with the best moment by far being the guys in the Pantani Lives shirts - they helped me through that last couple of minutes:

Think I might have a couple of days of easier sessions now :grin:


Agree the challenges are primarily marketing, and, as such, it makes sense to include non-cycling workouts to try to gain more engagement those fringe features of the platform. That said, it still bugs me. I don’t recall The Sufferfest having yoga workouts…or any cycling events having yoga stages.

As far as way better platforms, which are they? I’m using SYSTM because AFAIK it’s the best platform for my cycling specific purposes. I don’t use its strength, yogo, or mental workouts.


Actually, Abi came on with the Sufferfest. Sir David added several things with the move to an application.


I propose February challenge is 4 x advanced yoga sessions.

Get off the couch and on to the mat™.


The Sufferfest has had yoga since at least January 2017 and the ToS had one yoga session, not without considerable complaints, back in 2019 when they tacked on a yoga, SUF Strength, and a mental training session to some of stages.


@gwydion Tough for the group at large based on flexibility but I will do that challenge with you.


I think it’s great yoga is included, it if pushes people to try it and some find they like it and start to add it to their training plans it a win.


Plus wahoo are right to drive up further adoption of their app. Makes good business sense.


Are you our historian? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever done a yoga activity, but it makes good sense to have that type of stuff. Stretching is important. Why try to keep users in as good shape across the board? Makes noooo sense!

Am I our historian? Hmmm. The history of our great nation is a shared responsibility, Sir Michael @mserge, but sometimes sorta kinda :slight_smile: There are Sufferlandrians who’ve been around longer than me, as I only washed up on the shores of the Great Lactic Acid sea back in December of 2015, with the 2016 Tour of Sufferlandria being my first ToS.


Not sure about what should be included in a monthly cycling challenge - but I must say that the yoga and strength sessions give me options not available with Zwift and other bike riding simulators - so I can understand Wahoo wanting to present these options to people that "only " ride their bike. On another thread there were comments that the strength stuff was too easy- and perhaps it is if you’re used to heavy weightlifting - but it is a perfect year-round complement and the combo of strength and yoga has really improved my balance, suppleness and upper body/core strength. (60+ yo female)


@ut-och-cykla We often think of strength in relation to heavy weight but for cycling the strength series of videos is more about targeting all of those smaller stabilizing muscles that are really critical to maintaining good form and control on the bike.


I joined when there was talk about this endless volcano called Mount Sufferlandria. First ToS, ever in 2013. Saw the Amber Waves of Pain and haven’t left…



I’d forgotten how much the Gorge sneaks up on you in the last third.

I also really wanted that beer!