Wahoo X January Challenge - Go All In

Congrats to everyone who kicked off 2024 in style be completing the Go All In Wahoo X Challenge!

For February, the challenge is taking a slightly different format with that of the Wahooligan Tour!

If the dates do not work for you, you can still ride the 7 stages throughout the month . Please don’t forget to register with for the Tour with the Davis Phinney Foundation to help fundraising and help them with the incredible work they do!

See you in March for a challenge with ALL NEW content…


So do we still get the tour badge if we ride the stages earlier in the month?

I hope not. That would change the nature of The Tour. Maybe The Company can give you a February Challenge badge rather than a Tour badge :thinking:


I want to read a lot into this comment! :slight_smile:


Agreed. I’m OK with a separate challenge badge for doing the tour stages any time in February, but the tour badges should be for doing the tour on the required schedule.

And if there is a separate challenge badge, I just might have to ride the March 1 and March 2 workouts some time in Feb to get that extra badge. #willrideforbadges


No you will not get the badge but you will know you have completed the challenge :slight_smile: