Wahoo X March Challenge - Embrace Every Moment

Join us this March to Embrace Every Moment of women’s cycling - the highs, the lows, the challenges and wins - as we ride alongside EF’s Veronica Ewers, LifePlus Wahoo’s Ella Harris, Paralympian Meg Fisher and IRONMAN Champions Chelsea Sodaro and Heather Jackson to earn this month’s Wahoo X Challenge badge.

You have all month to complete these 4 workouts:

  1. Able
  2. Lifeplus Wahoo Team Camp Champs 2023
  3. Wahoo Frontiers 2023
  4. EF Explore 2023 - Episode 1

You can also load the training plan:

For More Information about the challenge

  1. Visit our webpage
  2. Challenge FAQ Page

Please note, to earn your badge you must complete the indoor SYSTM version.


The Wahooligan Tour may be coming to an end, but we have your recovery in hand! I hope you enjoy these new inspiration workouts!


I’m having difficulty with adding the plan to my SYSTM calendar. If I follow the link in your post, I get “An error occurred.” If I go to the Challenge page, I’m allowed to add a plan to the calendar, but it consists of the following three workouts on consecutive days: Half Monty, Ride for Your Life, and Full Frontal. Is this my error, or is there a mixup among the minions?


Ooops, link has been updated: SYSTM


Thanks! Nice to get some new content and some recovery from this week!


Awesome … that could well be the sum total of my March riding. Thanks for some short sessions !!



Last minute finish for these… Grateful that they were all dead easy… And Able/Meg Fisher was my favourite, and the last two minutes did bring a bit of moisture to the eyes…

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Congrats to everyone who completed the march challenge, here comes April: