Wahoo X May Challenge - Pursuit of Pink!

Haha. Indeed.

I loaded up the new RGT update and joined a group event that was in progress last night. I was about 12-15 minutes late, so I rubber-band jumped ahead to the last person in the group and proceeded to ride for ~45 minutes to see who else I might catch without killing myself. It was perfect for an impromptu 45 minute after work session. I skipped my bike commute yesterday so this more than made up for it.

I agree on the point about white versus green “switches” it is just a bad and confusing UI choice.

Also, I had that same issue where I was spinning the bike but not moving when I hopped in the event, but I can’t recall if I only went to the sensors page to refresh or hopped out and back into the event and then I was off to the “races”, but this is a thing that happens on occasion.

I’ll note that I was on a Mac laptop and KICKR Bike, but I also occasionally use the AppleTV app. I see no lag with steering via the KICKR Bike buttons (or the tilt in the Remote app which I will use once in awhile), but I am using 100% BLE and no ANT+ for all of that. I spent a good bit of my time yesterday alone and trying to take good lines (a good time killer)… I like to change the camera view so that my rider is further out in front, and I also change the map HUD to show the upcoming turns so I can plan my lines. This also is a good camera view to give you a better heads up if someone is coming up on you if you want to try and catch their draft (didn’t happen last night but has before).

I’ve also used the phone RGT app a few times to listen to guest riders when I can’t join otherwise, and this is the version of RGT I have the most issues with… it is “crashy”… not sure if the phone gets too warm or it’s just flaky and/or dependent on a a less than perfect cellular LTE connection.

Anyway, I’m still of the opinion that RGT is better and better each update. It’s not SYSTM, but I like both, quite a lot! Variety is the spice of life guys and gals!


@jesawdy Definitely - I am hoping the interface moves closer to the SYSYM layout with the corner menu and blue on white toggles.

Otherwise I really like the direction things are going and am using RGT a lot more than I initially expected to when they announced the purchase.


Congratulations to everyone who completed the May Challenge on SYSTM and/or RGT!
Thanks for all the feedback, it is very useful and sorry for all the frustrations.

The winners of the May challenge will be announced on Monday June 5.

For now though, welcome to June and the 4Dp challenge!


Our 4 winners have now been contacted directly via email, THANK YOU everyone for taking part in the May Challenge and see you in July for more potential prizes… In the meantime, don’t miss out on June:

Item Name
EF signed men’s jersey Ian
EF signed women’s jersey Cristiana
Speedplay Aeros Bjarne
Speedplay Aeros Hobby

And today I learned there must be other Ians here on the forum.

:pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: