Website Issues 10th Apr 2021

It is unfortunate but quite unprofessional the way they are dealing with this MAJOR issue.
No communication at all.

Hé, shit happens but try to communicate about it to avoid much more frustration guys @Sufferfest and Wahoo!

Wow folks, there’s an also lot of venom being posted on here for what is, most likely, a server outage. They happen. Everybody breathe. I am also anxiously awaiting everything coming back online today, but nobody is dying here. No lives are being lost. (Especially at a time when people are literally dying, and lives are being lost…)

Somewhere there is a (small) IT shop working very hard to resolve this.

In the homebrewing world, Saint Charlie Papazian would say RDWHAHB. (Relax, don’t worry, have a home-brew).



I’m having the same issue. My entire program disappeared from my calendar, along with all my completed workouts. I made the mistake of trying to log out and log back in, and now I can’t even log back in - it’s saying my email doesn’t correspond to an account

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Did you communicate with them?? Supplied a support ticket??

From the replies of the Sufferfest team, you can see they are working hard to resolve this. Hell, it isn’t even an office day. How ‘bout that. Let’s grab our bikes, go outside and let’s relax a bit…

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Same issue. I wish the guys put out a message and acknowledge…

Hi everyone, I’m so very sorry for the frustration. We are currently experiencing an issue that means you will be unable to start a workout in our app on any platform unless it is already downloaded. It also affects other parts of the app that require access to our servers - namely your calendar and settings, etc.

We are very sorry you can’t workout as usual right now and are working as hard as we can to get everything back up and running as soon as we possibly can.


Wish I’d looked on the forum before spending the last hour banging my head against the wall deleting and reloading apps, trying to reset passwords. etc. I checked the server status and it says all is fine and dandy. Nothing works, no log ons, no apps, nothing, nada. Good look and speedy recovery.

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Woop woop, I can get back in. Happy Suffering.


Thank you @rebecca.bell - I still did a workout, just using a different platform, all good.

Back on track. Thanks!


Now, the Sufferfest have been very bad keeping me from my Suffering and making me reschedule my plans. They need to report immediately to the nearest flogging station. @rebecca.bell. thanks for getting it up and running so quick


My iOS app still doesn’t recognise me…should I just sit tight and keep trying? Thanks

Well done Sufferfest getting everything back up and working so quickly :+1: my only little gripe is my workout from this morning hasn’t saved :thinking: and I produced my best numbers on angels today :frowning:never mind, I’ll just have to better it next time :grinning:


Great job on getting apps back on @Sufferfest.

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Yay all back to normal! For a while there I had no profile, no badges, no history :astonished: Thanks to those involved for restoring normal suffering .


Aww, and I thought I‘ll have a rest day. :wink:

Anyway, thanks team SUF.


Thank you for the update. Stuff happens.


I missed the tempest in a teacup this morning. Logged on maybe 30 minutes after things came back up. That did “The Trick.” Or at least I did. :grin: :tophat: :rabbit:


This is a problem with distributed computing that will never go away.

Connectivity is never guaranteed, you should never assume that you are always connected.

I will just repeat my post from elsewhere: