Weird HM Results

  • Submitted a help request but wanted the community’s feedback.

I just compelled HM after getting a new KICKR Snap. I very much expected a drastic reduction in my numbers from using a dumb trainer with virtual watts before.

During the HR-constrained effort I held around 136 watts but the test told me at the end my FTP was 60. This seems odd based on calculations from previous tests. Does this seem odd to anyone else?

That sounds extrenely odd to me. What was your power on the step you failed on the ramp?

Did you stop pedalling at all.during the constrained section, even for a moment?

Did you stop pedalling on the ramp at all, even for a moment?

Did you stop pedalling for at LEAST 15 seconds immediatelt after you failed on the ramp?


@Mark_C_Ryan Now that you are using a Kickr Snap your training will be more specific to you! The numbers do sounds very odd. If the answer is yes to any of @DameLisa questions, you will need to retake the HM Test. Happy Testing and Training!!

Thank you!

Didn’t stop pedalling during the constrained and didn’t stop pedalling during the ramp and stopped pedalling for 20 seconds to make sure I was stopped after the ramp

I reached out to the minions and they posited that since my previous MAP from the dumb trainer was so inflated I couldn’t make it through the 5 minute mark of the ramp and it may have thrown things off. They were going to dig a bit deeper into the issue.


Missed one question @DameLisa - I was at 229w when I stopped. It was my 5th step I started at 155 then 174 then 192 then 211.

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And you stopped and got the on screen message to go to the end of the ramp? Looks like you did the correct thing.

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Yes sir. I will probably do another just for funsies this upcoming weekend to straighten it all out.


Yeah looks like you did everything right. I suspect, as per the Minions, that the starting ramp step was maybe too high. Typically, I think you need to get to step 6 before it starts reporting numbers step by step, and if yiu failed on step 5 it may have caused some squiffyness.

Luckily it doesn’t need as much of a taper as FF so you can easily do one again super soon