⁉⁉ What are your Desert Island Workouts? ⁉⁉

Let’s imagine you’re being banished to a desert island for a year. Now let’s imagine that you’ve got access to a trainer and a device to use SYSTM on. BUT – you can only take five workouts from the entire SYSTM library with you.

What are your five Desert Island Workouts? (I’ll share mine after a few of you have posted yours.)


Who Dares
The Way Out


Only 5? that’s a tough choice!

In no particular order

Butter, The Chores, Omnium, Cobbler and Recharger
(and Team Scream, and Blender, and……….)


The Shovel, Fight Club, Team Scream, Full Frontal. And Recharger for when I feel down.




Team Scream (an immersive wonder a la pro rides plus awesome soundtrack; only way to ever trick me into an hour’s worth of over/unders)

GOAT (vintage Cotty, tarmac of ribbon, soundtrack with the glorious final cool down music)

Fight Club (Lizzie’s sprint plays on my closed eyelids sometimes; fantastic soundtrack again; only way to get me to do 28 sprints and be happy about it)

The Chores (solid workout hits my weaknesses, and the slo-mo housework is hypnotizing and oddly satisfying. Except the window washer, who is NOT EVEN TRYING)

The Shovel (sentimental choice as it was my very first trip into Sufferlandria after which I burned my passport and never left, plus just a good thrashing)

But I’m leaving out Recharger! And Cobbler! And The Way Out! And, GvA help me, Nine Hammers!


Mine would be:

1. Strength: Full Body 20: Maybe by the time I got off the island I could do the whole routine without any problems. :slight_smile:

2. On Location Tasmania: Cygnet Coast Road: Because it would remind me of home. And keep my MAP up with all those sprints.

3. A Week With the UCI WCC: Road: Maybe after doing this a million times my sustained power will be something other than embarrassing.

4. The Sufferfest: The Best Way is Blended: So much variety in one workout!

5. ProRides: Mt. Ventoux Denevile Challenge: Because I really want to get to the top of that stupid mountain without cracking before Clara does.



You need no others.


So many choices! This is hard.

I’m going to go with:

  1. OL Tasmania - Kunanyi/Mt Wellington - a great ride, and for a change of scenery from a desert island!

  2. Butter - I love watching Matt Hayman win Paris-Roubaix.

  3. Kitchen Sink - three hours for one of the five workouts, great value on a desert island!

  4. Shake Off The Day - because I might need to wind down every now and then.

  5. Full Body 19 - plenty of time for strength work, and I didn’t want to pick the obvious longest one.


Team Scream
Norway 2


Cygnet Coast is my favorite OL by far!


KS - To sneak in bits of all the classic Suf videos. But I’d probably only ride it on our national holiday.

ISLAGIATT - I rode this on my Knighthood attempt. Love this video. Too pressed for time to ride it often.

Team Scream - if I get lonely on my desert island.

Revolver is Easy - Two for the price of one

Full Frontal - To make sure I’m maximizing my suffering

Honorable Mention - Getting Away With It. My favorite bit is when the Minions talk to my boss!


Here goes:

Long Scream - perfect for getting myself ready for a 10 mile Time Trial. Throw in Igniter as a warm up and you have an amazing combo workout.

Team Scream - Just an awesome Time Trial simulation with a fantastic soundtrack. Engaging, immersive, you just feel like you are part of team. The team radio is awesome and who would have thought going for donuts halfway through a race was feasible.

ISLAGIATT - the thought of climbing mountains fills me with absolute horror but from the moment I saw the trailer for this workout I was mesmerised. Epic scenery, brilliant storyline and soundtrack with some amazing Giro footage, winning the stage in the falling snow and glaring car lights with Nibali was just awesome.

Lac De Cap De Long - my absolute favourite On Location. It often beats me up and kicks me out but despite riding on a KICKR in the garage I can be transported for an hour or so to a beautiful part of France and lose myself in the amazing scenery. Has the best finishing location of any ride!

Power Station - my go to short workout when I want to get some endurance with a dose of neuromuscular. Great challenging workout and who can not forget Pinot’s face.


Despite only riding it only once so far Mt Ventoux Denivele Challenge is on its way to being a favourite. It’s going into my training plan whenever there is a 2 hour workout scheduled. The challenge to make it to the top just gives you an extra incentive like no other workout.


The ones I both love and dread (when taken at the old intensities):

  1. Nine Hammers
  2. The Omnium
  3. The Shovel
  4. Revolver Is Easy
  5. The Downward Spiral



Not necessarily in this order but:

  1. The Chores: the workout design is BRILLIANT. 3 hard sets with a decreasing number of intervals is somehow just something that mentally, I am better able to complete than some of the other kinds of workouts.

  2. 14 Vise Grips: though only done a few times I actually enjoy the shorter repeated MAP efforts, plus its a great video

  3. Who Dares: NOTHING compares to beating Coryn Rivera and seeing how thrilled she is for me.

  4. The Way Out: for that opening music (it just makes me happy and gets me into a great head space), video sequence of Sir Mike getting ready, and a tough, yet gentle, welcome to indoor training after being away for awhile.

  5. To Get To The Other Side: just a great OL ride before OL rides were a thing and Sir Mike’s Oscar worthy performance ALWAYS makes me smile.

  6. Cadence Builds I like the challenge of staying in the 200+ RPM club with a yak ton of rest between efforts. Considering how often this comes up in plans, in particular the test prep plans this one REALLY NEEDS THE SUF TREATMENT Sirs @Francois-Wahoo and @David.McQuillen.KoS :slight_smile:

  7. Primers (GREAT video, GREAT story, gets me…ehm…primed for whatever lies ahead tomorrow but REALLY needs some SUF love to add music that fits with the intervals/story :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:)

Oh, sorry, was the request for only 5? Dang minions!

Now my Dessert Island Donuts:
Chocolate Dip
Plain Sour Cream
Plain cake donut
Some kind of cinnamon swirl thing
And this:

  1. Power Station
  2. Downward Spiral
  3. The Way Out
  4. GOAT
  5. Hammer Climb 1 (just because)

Noted that there’s a distinct lack of desert island themed workouts in SYSTM!

Introducing: Le Tour d’Esert island!

  1. Flat warmup around the edge to discover there’s no way off
  2. Some MAP intervals that represent the palm trees…
  3. A low-cadence interval as you hit the quicksand…
  4. A ramp to threshold as you scale that mountain in the middle to get a better look
  5. … maybe I should explore that cave… eek! bats! A surge-y threshold set as you try to escape
  6. Time to cool down and jump in the water for some recovery
  7. A ship on the horizon! Sprint back to the top of the mountain (1 min AC) to wave your arms and hopefully get noticed.

Phew, this Desert Island work is exhausting… maybe I’ll just stick to some inspiration videos…