What constitutes a completed activity?

DNF the MTB race in the UCI series two days ago, but got a check as though I did…

For an activity to register I think you only have to complete a very small amount - of the order of 5 or 6 minutes?

I’m sure somebody who knows the correct answer will wander along soon enough!

Yeah, did 42:11/59:53, so definitely more than that, but still not 100%… I failed to live up to my knighthood and suffer appropriately… will I be stripped of it? @Glen.Coutts

Really though, I away from my bike for 4 weeks ish… ran a lot over that time to stay in shape, but totally different experience hopping back on the saddle. hahahaha

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It usually takes about five minutes of the activity. However, I would not risk doing this and do the entire activity or as much as I could.

I don’t think you can be stripped of your Knighthood unless you’re a jerk.

My advice, don’t be a jerk.

As for badges, (or check marks) they’re just badges so if you believe you’ve been given one you don’t think you’ve earned, in the spirit of the challenge you only need to go back and do it again as soon as you get a chance.

This is a true story:

I was going for a 365 days in a row Badge for yoga (which I’ve yet to achieve) and after reaching 99 the day had gotten past me and I had forgotten to do my yoga. When I realized my streak was stuck at 99 the next day I changed the date on my computer to the day before, did a quick yoga vid, saved it and BOOM, an unbroken yoga streak of 100 had been created. I then changed the date back to real time.

That same day, I was so consumed by guilt, I went into my history, deleted the yoga vid that I’d recorded and returned my yoga streak to broken at 99.

While I am and continue to be strangely motivated by badges and have done some really stooopid things to get them, there is no point in having a badge if you know you didn’t really earn it.


@Glen.Coutts Great attitude! The badges are just rewards that we use as part of our mental training. If we abuse them then they really aren’t helping us to be better athletes.


Whew, you almost lost me there for a minute, Sir @Glen.Coutts. Character matters. :smirk:

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Hehe, for context, I thought if I had kept the badge ticking up it might motivate me to continue but missing the day just made it feel wrong.

My next best streak was 196 in a row and when I missed it that time, it felt like a relief as it had become a chore I obsessed on, throwing in the 3 minute breathing vids if a day had gotten away from me. I’ve learned I’m not meant to chase days in a row streaks, it messes with my head.


This may be the first, and perhaps the only ever, instance of digital yoga doping.


Oh I already redid the activity in full.

Just more wanted to know for future reference.