3 Week In-Between Block?

Wondering if what I planned makes sense.

I have an MTB XC TT Race this weekend. In three weeks I’m doing a 12hr MTB XC race solo.

Here’s what I’ve done so far since Oct of last year

General Road > TOS Prep > TOS > Post TOS > XC Preseason > GG 100 mi > 100 mi XC race > Post TOS > Last week of Volcano > Volcano (ends this week, replaced weekend workouts with Sat Endurance ride, Sunday trail ride) > this weekend’s race

So looking at next week I put in the 3 week building blocks FTP focus plan and will replace weekend workouts with endurance and trail rides which will end with the 12 hour race. Then a rest week off the bike, still doing yoga and strength.

Does this 3 week FTP block make sense from the standpoint of maintaining fitness?

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