What’s next

Right epic TOS over what I need next in terms of challenges is,

  • Yoga challenge

  • weight loss - 12 months of various levels of lock down has caused havoc with the weight gain

What ya reckon peeps?

@PeterEire For me the immediate goal is getting back to off-season strength training which I put on pause during the tour. I believe there was a yoga challenge in May of last year so perhaps we will see that again soon.


I’m coming back from knee tendonitis after my KOS back in Nov. So, my goals are:

1 - continue getting back into shape, starting with the post-Tour plan, a new FF, and then getting stuck into a new training plan

2 - get back into running when the weather starts to warm back up

3 - weight loss to lose those holiday post-KOS, knee injury pounds

4 - build up to be tri/dua thlon ready by October


Been thinking quite a bit about goals. In the short term:

  • finish an entire SUF strength program, doing 90%+ of the scheduled sessions (last year I sporadically did similar type of workouts, so what I really want here is the consistency)
  • build back up to ~20 miles a week running and hold there
  • as the weather warms up, incorporate more structured training outdoors

Looking further:

  • do at least three cycling events this year (ideally a brevet, a duathlon, and a cyclocross race)

After wrapping up the post-tour plan and FF, I’m planning to start with all-purpose road w/ strength and added running sessions.

I don’t have specific events targeted yet and that’s the biggest area where external factors may still dominate.

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