What will happen with SYSTM / SUF after the last round of layoffs?

Hey, it was definitely 15-20 yrs ago, 13 years ago I was watching the Downward Spiral on the 2.5" screen of my iPod video mounted to my stem, listening the amazing soundtrack through wired headphones. Admittedly I was on a dumb trainer with a wired wheel sensor speedo.


I assume this is a place looking for information AND kindness (in the middle of some suffering). If you think this re-post (from FB Sufferlandria group) doesn’t belong here for any reason, don’t hesitate to take it down (mods) or let me know)


That sounds very positive.


Though he does not mention RGT, is there any reason for that or is he not working on RGT?

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This was a “SYSTM-enjoyer question” which was originally really SYSTM-centered and so is the reply (from someone indeed only working on SYSTM), so it does not shock me. (I’ll do the joke of "RGT is mentionned because there is an “S” in “Wahoo own appS and software” :smiley: )


If RGT died I would not care. If RGT was replaced with Zwift I feel it would be all the better.

The Wahoo coaching program has been officially disbanded as of Sept 11th and I found out 2/3 of the way through a custom plan I purchased. Wahoo needs to be more open about their intentions and the post from Mac is a step in the right direction.



You heard it here first. :smirk:


I care for both SYSTM and RGT.
Believe it or not, RGT has the same “reality-and-science-based” vibe as SYSTM inspires, to me.

Zwift is where people think they go fast, in a hamster cage. RGT provides realistic speeds and racing : thanks to the Magic Road (that I cherish) every race is different : you can ride all year round on a different circuit every time (1 km long ? 30 km long ? 100 km long ? with as many slopes as you want, as long as you want) with a different scenario every time (because a solo rider / small groups have their chance since the pack is not going ridiculously fast if nobody’s pulling)

I know it’s a SYSTM-centered post, but “RGT can go to trash” behaviour just does not pass for many of us :wink:


Looking at Mike Cotty’s Instagram posts, there’s definitely new content coming… and in Lederhosen! :sweat_smile:


Or he’s just riding for himself…

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Sorry I have been a bit quiet in here recently but I am here to say that Wahoo SYSTM content isn’t going anywhere and we have a few fun things coming your way over the next few months for new content and events!

Content to lookout for over the 23-24 Indoor Season:

  • New On Locations in Italy, Spain and Germany
  • Inspiration Updates & releases
  • Pro Rides
  • Sufferfest remastering and new content

I don’t want to go into the specifics and spoil the surprise but hopefully this gives you a taste of what’s to come.

We also have awesome events and challenges incoming, look out for:

  • October’s Monthly Challenge: Technique and drills

    • As we get ready for the indoor season in the northern hemisphere we want to make sure we are setting you up for success and efficiency on the bike
  • November’s monthly Challenge: The Sufferfest

    • More to follow on this and I will be reaching out to the Knights
  • December’s Monthly Challenge: Keep on moving

    • The holiday season is always a busy time so we will be bringing some achievable workouts for you to keep you moving
  • The 2024 Wahooligan Tour

    • We are still very committed to our partners at the Davis Phinney Foundation and have also taken on board the feedback from last year. The Tour will take place February 25 to March 2, 2024 - we will have more information to follow over the coming month as we look to bring you another action packed, sweat worthy tour in support of a great cause!

I hope this helps provide more details on what we have in store for the near future and gives you all a lot of confidence that our dedication to bringing you entertaining and effective workouts, backed by sports science, is going nowhere!


He does identify himself as a content creator for The Company on his insta so…


Thank you very much for the update.
Cannot wait to see the new content.


Now you’ve gone and made me repost this… :pleading_face: :wink:

I was cheering with you every step of the way through your post… until this.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE rename it back to The Tour of Sufferlandria. Even if that means detours through RGT and OL and ProRides. PLEEEEEAASSSSSEEEE???
:pray: :pray: :pray: :pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:


Thanks for this too Sir @Rupert.H :pray:. These are definitely some trying times.

It’d be great to see The Company make a formal announcement here on the forums and on FB/Insta/X/Threads etc.


I’d be happy if they just called it The Tour rather than that Tour that I shall not say.


That’s going to be interesting. Does he have a seat on these videos?

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The Tour of Sufferlandria is now marked on my calendar.


Indeed. He’s actually done a SUF ton of MTB rides so… :thinking:

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