What's next for Systm?

That sounds great!

I wish there will be some adaptive training like trainerroad

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I doubt there will ever be adaptive training in Wahoo SYSTM for a variety of reasons. One that I can think of is that you, ultimately, are responsible for your training. AI models are known to have massive errors and relying on them alone can lead to disaster. I’ve found myself vin RED-S without knowing it and the hole I had to crawl out of wasn’t pretty.


I agree with @Saddlesaur. I definitely want new SUFF videos, particularly short ones. I’ve done the Cure and Joyride multiple times. Even though the workouts accomplish the same things it’s nice to have different storylines. We need more workouts with video and music, although I also like many of the OL workouts and have done a few several times. I’ve done a handful of ProRides a few times. Eventually people will get tired of doing the same workouts over and over and will want new content. Variety is the spice of life. If I want to do the same thing over and over again I will go back to my Spinervals and CTS DVDs and save $150/year.


Not sure now I will ever recover. Its been 5 years


It’s a lifelong process. One thing that I’ve noticed is that what I eat really affects my performance. It may take days to overcome a poor nutrition choice. I’m looking for ways to add protein while I ride to reduce metabolic issues as well (protein synthesis is the worst way to get energy).

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Agreed! And gosh it is so hard to get protein down while racing. Very few options really. Best I’ve managed is bacon and egg rice cakes.


I’ve mentioned Hammer Nutrition’s Perpetuem before. Worth trying, in my opinion. It’s all I need on long rides and is exactly why I have no stomach issues. If I keep up with it properly, I’m fine. If I get behind a little, still most likely fine, but I can tell the difference… If I get slack on drinking (I use the powder in every bottle on rides over 2-1/2 to 3 hours,) I’ll be in trouble with both power loss and upset stomach, not wanting to eat, etc.

I did the longest ride of my life a month ago, (25 miles beyond my previous longest,) 136.37 miles, 9987’ of elevation, rode completely solo, finished in 10:09, with ride time of 9:09. I used Perpetuem almost exclusively, either 7 or 8 servings of powder, in 8 or 9 water bottles (memory is cloudy now, and I thought I’d written it down but did not) as well as 2 servings of Perpetuem tablets. I also took 4 or 5 servings of HammerGel overall. The only other food was a 2pk fig bars and a Clifbar.

I never bonked or felt like I was possibly going to have to shorten the ride anywhere due to exhaustion, and finished the ride basically at full weight, which never happens for me on really long ones because I tend to undereat/drink.

I had a hamstring nagging a bit before 40 miles that made me question if all the climbing ahead was doable, but I just held myself in check as far as ramping up too much on steeps, and it never got worse, just warned with a slight twinge from time to time. Over the course of the ride, I took either 4 or 6 Hammer Endurolytes capsules, in addition the Hammer FIZZ tablets, 1 per bottle. I think it was the closest thing to perfection I’ve ever managed on a ride as far as nourishment!

Personally, I’ve never found anything that comes close to supplying what my body needs during rides as well as Perpetuem has. The powder version is tops for me because the chewable tablets just take too much time to soften and break them down to swallow, though I do like the sense of chewing something for a change as opposed to all liquid nourishment, so I take them along most of the time, but the Clifbar or figbars is a bit more satisfying simply as an add-on.


I definitely would like to see more Sufferfest videos and continued addition of new On Location training sessions.

But, now that it’s warm out, I’d really like to see Wahoo improve the features for exporting Outdoor workouts to a bike computer. I use the awesome plug-in Jessicat created to download .fit files for use on my Garmin bike computer, but it would be so much easier if that could be done natively from the Systm app.
I don’t have a power meter on my bike, so it would so much better to have the ability to select what training target info to display on the head unit during the workouts (HRZone, RPE, etc). The written summary in the workout description is nice, but not all that useful because I have usually forgotten it by the time I get on the bike.


Once upon a time, such a message would have been answered fairly promptly by someone in an executive position giving a good idea of what would be next.
Nowadays? Cricket.
The silent is deafening.

Did you see the interview? It basically lays out the plan for this year.

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I did back then and didn’t see anything that answered the original poster’s question of what is next for SYSTM.


well Chip does say SYSTM will be coming to AppleTV (even though there is no timeline) and that the workout player needs an update.

As for timelines, even if they gave us one, my life in Sufferlandria has taught me to NEVER trust a minion when it comes to time.

Edit: though to be fair, Chip doesn’t say anything about content.