When to do another FF?

It’s been a long time since my last FF or even HM. I’m still clinging onto numbers I logged before doing a century event back in May. Since then I’ve got a new job and am struggling to find time to train much at all because of long and intense working hours. (My new Sufferlandria is… the office :grimacing:)

When I do a workout I can still complete them on old numbers. But I’m not doing many. What now? Should I just try to do a new plan/random workouts on the old numbers? Or re-test and see where I am now? I worry I’m genuinely perma-fatigued and won’t have the constitution to make it through FF properly.

Just do a Half Monty.

You can do HM any time. It’s just like any other hard workout.

NM and AC figures are not very relevant, you can do those workouts in Level mode and give it your best shot.

Makes sense, thanks. Will do one soon.

FWIW: To test, I almost always do the 1 week test plan that has a HM on day 3 and FF on day 7. The HM helps pacing the FF by setting the FF targets, and the 6 day lead-in helps with consistency and reproducibility. It’s also a very solid week of workouts so don’t think of it as a lost week.

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Yep, I’ve been aiming to do that but I’m working from 6am-5pm most days now and have to commute four days per week as well. (I treat a couple of small hills as intervals on my single speed Brompton…!) so in reality I’m looking at doing a HM midweek while shattered or a FF on a weekend when recovering. Have just put it in the calendar for next week again, let’s see. I’ll try Team Scream first for the Nov Challenge!

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Made it 90% of the way through Team Scream but had to dial it down for the final two pulls, I just had nothing left… That was a hard workout, gives me some optimism that maybe I’m not too far off my numbers after all.

@Saddlesaur - sage advice. Ive also substituted FF into the plan I am doing from a different ride that has a similar TSS/IF.

Disclaimer: I have had many concussions and I like TT efforts. Coincidence?