Which programs should I focus on?

I have been using SUF a little bit more than a year, with major improvements in my 4DP. I have been classified as an Attacker - needing to improve my FTP (endurance). I have done four 4DP tests since Dec 2019, and every one came out as Attacker - albeit all of the values were higher, FTP (endurance) remained almost steady and remains the weakness. I felt that I have reached a plateau since I have been doing all the correct workouts - Thin Air , Team Scream, Nine Hammers etc. Some advice is that my nervous system needs different impulses - I need to (temporary) rather do NM and AC video’s and later switch back to FTP and MAP exercises? Would this focus on my strengths not be counter productive?


I think FTP builder. Well at least that’s what I’m doing next and I am also classified as an attacker. Need to get used to sustained efforts.