Should I do the first 4-5 days of the Tour?

I am in thEe fortunate position of flying to Majorca on 5th March for 7 days of riding. 4 days after i retun i then fly to Nice for 4 MORE days of riding. I KNOW! LUCKY ME :slight_smile:

I amd 59y of age and 74 kilo’s and I am using the gran fondo plan to drag my fitness and endurance up so that hopefully my ftp will be around 250w and 3.4 w/k. 240ish on last half monty. Its a tough plan with 2-3.5 hours on the turbo every day and I started late so I wont actually finish it. I planned to ease off the week before i go, easy rides, primers the day before. I am being very careful about fueling and managing fatigue.
So, to the question.
I could start the Tour on the satuday and ride the stages to say tuesday and then ease off but i am worried about avccumlating and carrying fatigue into my trip. What say the hive mind and the Coaches?

You could do the start of the tour by selecting the ‘Get Me Through It’ option. That will reduce the intensities of the workouts which will reduce the accumulated fatigue.


In fact, if the Get Me Through It option is too much, you can do it at whatever intensity you wish. Theoretically, even 10% intensity constitutes a complete Tour.


True! Adjust the intensities to whatever you feel is the right preparation for your trip to Mallorca.

Enjoy the Tour, and your travels!