Why are the events and my training plan missing in the new app?

There’s no history showing up for my past workouts in the new calendar. Also, my current training plan has gone missing. I did download my training history, which was an option. But this is kind’ve pointless if it’s not part of the new app. Help!

Same here - my strength programme has disappeared from the iOS app but its still visible on the windows app

@GMcCoy Try logging out and back in again. That worked for me. Otherwise reach out to the minions to report the issue.

Same here.

I tried logging in again but to no avail. Have emailed the minions so will report the fix I hear back.

Edit: I uninstalled the app then loaded it again and all good!
It also fixed a couple of other things I’d noticed that weren’t right (the power profiles were missing from the video descriptions)

Looking forward to getting to know the new app. Looks great :+1:


It looks like people have had success with a log out/in but if people are stil having problems it certainly sounds like a question to the minions is in order. I have 2 plans running concurrently (bike + strength loaded separately) and mine loaded in the new app, on Win10 and Android, seamlessly, including full history (from what I can tell).

So if you have something missing it is probably not meant to be so. Get them to help.

I deleted the app on my iPhone as someone suggested, then reinstalled and everything is now appearing! Excellent advice!